Lubetech absorbents

Lubetech absorbents made in the UK by Fytertech Nonwovens.





Lubetech pads and rolls are manufactured in Greater Manchester UK by the spill control division of FyterTech Nonwovens.


Lubetech brand meltblown absorbents feature heavily in the FyterTech Nonwovens line up of spill control products. Lubetech meltblown polypropylene fibre nonwoven absorbents features in all our spill kits, pad and rolls.


Lubetech absorbents have been around for many years and are a go-to solution for all types of spill professionals who appreciate the consistent performance and reliability.



Lubetech Absorbent Pads

Lubetech absorbent pads come in a range of formats and constructions. They are perfect for wiping up spills and leaks and protecting people and the environment from potentially harmful effects.


Lubetech Oil-only pads will recover just oil-based fluids. This makes them ideal for recovering just oil where water is also present or the pad might also come into contact with water. To help you identify the correct Lubetech absorbent pad these Oil-only absorbents are white.


Lubetech Maintenance pads will recover both oil- and water-based fluids at the same time. This makes them a perfect solution for recovering most types* of fluid. These absorbents are coloured grey or black.


Lubetech Chemical pads will also recover most types* of fluid. These are best used for recovering fluids and spills of an aggressive or unknown nature such as acids or alkalis. These absorbents are coloured bright yellow, this is to help emergency services quickly identify that the spilled fluid might be of a dangerous nature and should be treated with caution.


All our Lubetech absorbent spill pads come in a range of constructions and quantities. Most are perforated so that just the right amount of meltblown absorbent can be selected and used to recover the spill or leak.


*See our chemical compatibility chart to ensure you’ve selected the correct type of absorbent for the fluid type




Lubetech Absorbent Rolls

In addition to pads, we also manufacture Lubetech absorbents rolls. These allow larger areas to be quickly covered and protected. Lubetech absorbent meltblown rolls are available in the same three types as pads to recover different spill types.


Like the pads, the rolls also are available in different sizes and feature perforations in most cases to allow for more efficient use.



Lubetech Spill Kits

When a spills or leaks happens, you need to be able to respond efficiently and effectively. Lubetech spill kits feature all the absorbents and disposal material required in a range of containers. As with pads and rolls, Lubetech spill kits come in three different types to recover different types of fluid spill or leak.


Lubetech Portable spill kits are smaller in size, typically between 15 and 50 litre sizes. These are perfect for storing onboard vehicles or craft and in places where they can be quickly accessed and taken to the site of a spill.


Lubetech Static spill kits are contained in a bin with a removable lid. These are best suited where there is a known risk of a spill occurring and the correct amount of absorbent are made available to recover the spill with minimum fuss.


Lubetech Wheeled spill kits are highly manoeuvrable and come in a range of sizes from: two-wheeled ‘wheelie bin’ 120litre spill kits all the way up to 900litre four-wheeled versions. For the larger sized spill kits, Lubetech Absorbent refills are available to help reduce costs.



Lubetech Booms, Socks and Pillows

Featuring a meltblown core of Lubetech polypropylene meltblown absorbent, our booms are used across the globe to remove harmful oil-based spills from the surface of inland waterways and lakes as well as marine environments. Tough, rugged and versatile, Lubetech booms are an obvious choice for spill control professionals.


Lubetech socks and pillows are designed to absorb larger spills and leaks. Socks have the added advantage of being able to be placed around a spill to prevent it from spreading.


Lubetech Pillows are perfect for placing under leaking machinery or in hard-to-reach places where they can be used to absorb leaks that are too large for a pad.