Fuel Storage & Supply

Liquid Safety Solutions for Fuel Storage and Supply

This is just a selection of products from our wider product range that are particularly suited to fuel storage and supply.

Fuel is (usually without exception) an oil-based liquid. It can differ in viscosity which will affect how it Is absorbed or how it might flow.

White coloured absorbents are Oil-only and will absorb just oil-based fluids. These are perfect for just recovering oil-based fluids like fuel when water is present at the same time, as the absorbent will not take up any water-based fluids.

Maintenance absorbents (sometimes referred to as Universal) are grey and/or black and will absorb both oil- and water-based fluids at the same time. So they will recover oil-based fluids like fuel but they will also absorb any water present at the same time. So more often than not a white Oil only product will be better suited.

Liquid spill solutions for storing and supplying fuel

Storing fuel in tanks or drums should follow the oil storage regulations (a link is provided below to the official government guidelines). These ensure that in the event of the oil or fuel escaping, it is contained within a bund or sump of an outer container.

Protecting and preventing against fuel storage spills or leaks takes two forms-

The first is secondary containment. This is ensuring that the fuel cannot reach the environment by the presence of a physical barrier usually in the form of a surrounding container or a space beneath the container that collects any fuel that has been spilled.

The second form is absorbents that can be deployed to recover the spill before it can spread or contaminate the ground and water courses.

Secondary Containment for storing and supplying fuel

These hard plastic (usually polypropylene) containers take the form of spill pallets, work floors and mobile transport devices. Each features a regulation compliant sump capacity to hold a percentage of the primary container’s capacity.

Workfloors are modular decks that can be attached together to form larger working surfaces. Each workfloor has a grated surface suspended above a sump which allows any spilled fluids to drain through and remain in the sump. The spilled fluid can be drained off and stored safely. Ramps and other accessories allow access with wheeled trollies.

Spill Pallets are modular units that allow storage of standard unit containers. These can range from smaller plastic bottles to larger metal drums and caged IBC containers. Weather protection editions prevent the sump being contaminated with water or filling with rainwater and reducing the sump capacity for additional spilled fuel.

Spill or Drip Trays are smaller free-standing units that can accommodate containers of fuels or solvents and protect them from reaching the environment.

Site Mat is a two-part unit which is placed under plant or equipment when being refuelled or serviced. An inner polypropylene liner filters and traps the fuel or oil-based liquid while the porous side walls allow rainwater to simply run off.

Absorbents for recovering oil-based fluids when storing and supplying fuel

In the event of fuel leaking into the environment and no secondary containment being present then recovery should be attempted using absorbent products. If the oil or fuel spill or leak is of anything other than a small amount it is important to call the emergency services as safety should always be paramount.

The following Oil only products will recover fuel without taking in any rainwater or moisture.


Pads are ideal for wiping machinery or containers. Laminated pads are the strongest, bonded pads feature sonic bond points. Both laminated and bonded pads feature perforations so that just the right amount of absorbent can be used.


Rolls of absorbent with a laminated layer can be placed under machinery and fuel drums. They prevent slips and trips by drawing up fluids from hard surfaces. These products also feature perforations so that the correct amount can easily be torn-off.

Socks are long flexible tubes of absorbent that can be placed on a surface to surround and prevent fuel spills or leaks from spreading whilst also absorbing the fuel oil. These are available in different lengths.

Pillows are perfect for placing under machinery or equipment to recover minor fuel spills or leaks that are too large for a pad and also have the added bonus of not having to be replaced as frequently. They can also be easily packed into hard to reach spaces.

Drum Tops sit inside the rim of a standard oil-drum and capture spills involved in transferring fluids.

Spill Depot absorbent dispensers keep the absorbents stored and ready for use on machinery, equipment or fuel storage containers that requires regular liquid spill control. These can be regularly replenished to ensure absorbents are always at hand. Available in a range of sizes and either wall-mounted or free-standing formats ensures there will be a configuration suitable for any business’s requirements.

Recovering unplanned spills or leaks

For unexpected spills and leaks it is essential to have the correct liquid safety solutions in place to be able to respond accordingly. In most cases a spill kit or range of strategically located and readily available spill kits will provide all the absorbents and a container needed to recover the fuel spill. We recommend Oil-only absorbents for recovering fuel spills either indoors or out.

Portable spill kits allow a quantity of absorbents to be taken to the site of a fuel spill or leak quickly. They can also be carried in the cab of a vehicle and stored behind a seat. Available in both Oil-only and Maintenance types and a range of sizes up to 50 ltr.

Wheeled bin spill kits range from 120 ltr up to 360 ltr. However, a spill of 120 ltr and above can be considered large and is potentially extremely hazardous. In the event of a fuel spill of this size it is recommended that the emergency services are called.

Oil storage regulations for businesses

How to store oil, design standards for tanks and containers, where to locate and how to protect them, and capacity of bunds and drip trays. See the government regulations here-

Site Surveys and Spill Recovery training

To help you identify fuel storage risks and how to mitigate against them we can provide a site survey. An experienced and highly knowledgeable member of our team will attend your premises and provide a written report identifying the risks. Along with the risk identification, a suggestions of liquid safety solutions will be suggested.

To allow a business’s employees to better respond to a spill, we can arrange spill training to ensure that in the event of a spill everybody knows what to do, and to follow a set procedure that protects people, the environment and businesses.

Absorbent compatibility chart

Use this chart to help select the correct absorbent type for a spill.