Meltblown Nonwovens


With a rich history of producing meltblown polypropylene adsorbents for the spill control market, FyterTech’s meltblown capabilities are extensive and we bring over two decades of experience to our customer’s projects.


Like its name, meltblown nonwovens are manufactured by melting polypropylene resin and extruding into filaments.  These filaments are then “blown” to draw them out into really fine fibers.  The resulting fibers are collected with vacuum, forming a web that is made into a fabric and wound into rolls.  Meltblown roll goods can be used for adsorption, filtration, wipes, insulation, and a number of other applications based on customer needs.


FyterTech has 10 diverse meltblown machines which give us a number of options to support your project including a variety widths, layers, densities and post web treatments.  We also offer multiple web formation options to further tailor the product to your specifications.  Precise recipe management, in-line process and quality control, and multiple converting options ensure a meltblown nonwoven product that meets or exceeds the standards you set for the project.



Airlaid Nonwovens


FyterTech’s airlaid capabilities combine staple fibers with needle bonding to form a stable web of fibers and in-line adhesive lamination of different coverstock.  The resulting material has many health, hygiene and packaging applications and is specifically used to make a number of different absorbent pads for use in medical applications.


We have the ability to blend staple fibers with a wide range of properties and engineer the structure of the web to meet your product specifications and customize the function of your final product.  Our ability to bond different cover stock materials (top and bottom of the fabric) provides additional customization.  We also offer several post manufacturing converting options to deliver your product in the format best suited for your manufacturing process.  In-line and external quality control measures are in place to ensure consistency and performance.



Design Engineering


Our engineering staff and nonwoven product specialists offer critical guidance and consulting when establishing the parameters for your project and setting the specifications that will drive the desired outcomes for your final product. 


We suggest involving our team in the development process so you can benefit from our nonwoven manufacturing and converting experience.  FyterTech can offer key input when selecting the processes, substrates and specifications for your project.


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All of the technological enhancements and assets do not make a difference if you can’t consistently provide a quality product to the correct specifications.  FyterTech has invested in the people, processes and equipment to ensure the very best quality of product we manufacture.


Precise recipe and process control paired with in-line visual (camera) inspections maintains manufacturing quality while post manufacturing testing measures actual production against established parameters.


Quality Testing:

  • Tear and Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Feel (softness/stiffness)
  • Basis Weight
  • Absorbency & Wicking
  • Color
  • Metal Detection