Facilities Management

Wipers, rags and absorbents play a critical role in facility safety, cleanliness and compliance. Each of these products can help you with your cleaning regimen; prevent slips, trips and falls; meet OSHA and EPA guidelines; and be prepared when that spill does happen. 

Spilfyter Wiper Kits:

Cleaning and disinfecting is more important than ever. These wiper kits give you another tool for keeping your facility clean and safe.


  • Easily add a wet wipe to your existing cleaning regimen, the kit utilizes whatever cleaning solution you already use.
  • Control how saturated the wipes become based on your cleaner and application.
  • Reusable bucket has an airtight lid to keep your wipes saturated, avoid contamination and reduce staff exposure to the chemicals.
  • Wipers easily absorb the cleaning solution while remaining durable to handle your daily cleaning needs.

Wipers & Rags:

GT Series Wipers blend strength, absorbency and durability to give your operation a new workhorse for tackling everyday challenges.


  • Created using a hydro-entanglement process that weaves absorbent cellulose fibers with polypropylene for additional strength. 
  • Engineered to be your new “Go To” wiper, the GT Series will withstand harsh chemicals and extended scrubbing
  • Offers superior low linting and wipe dry properties

Shop rags come from a number of sources and are an economical, general purpose wipe and absorbent. Terry towels are ideal for cleaning and polishing.

High Visibility Sorbents :

Every time you deploy a “High Vis” sorbent to manage and clean your leaks, drips and spills, you are posting a warning sign that keeps your workers safe.


  • High Vis sorbents have a durable, tear-resistant coverstock printed with a caution/warning sign
  • Ideal for high traffic areas where the risk of slips, trips and falls is greater
  • Offered in a variety of configurations including pads, rolls, dispenser packs, kits and wipers

Absorbent Mats & Rugs:

Traction rugs are an easy to deploy, durable solution for preventing slips, trips and falls. Rugs cling to the floor creating a clean and safe working environment.

  • Adhesive or cling backing adheres to floors but can still be re-positioned easily
  • Traction rugs are a universal sorbent - absorbing a wide variety of oil and water-based spills
  • Withstands heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic including fork trucks

Essential Sorbents:

Universal sorbents are designed to absorb oils, coolants, solvents, water and more. They are perforated for flexibility and efficiency while offering great wicking and performance for all of your leaks, drips and spills. Socks can be molded around equipment for those troublesome problem areas.

Secondary Containment:

No matter what size or shape liquid storage container you have, there is probably a spill containment solution to make sure your facility is in compliance with EPA, SPCC and other regulations. These products should be a part of your “prevention first” best practices to limit the spread and issues associated with a spill.

The following recommended products are just a starting point as you figure out the best solution for your facility. There are certainly additional options within our full product catalog that will work, we recommend discussing your needs with one of our regional or inside sales team members.