Keeping medical professionals safe from slips, falls and bio-hazards while they are focused on patient care.

Focusing on absorbing fluids within the medical environment, we have created a “boutique” style manufacturing model that allows us to create custom nonwovens for our medical distribution partners. These pads reduce slip and fall risks and absorb biological hazards in surgical facilities.


Custom Nonwovens For Healthcare


FyterTech has invested resources and equipment to enhance our manufacturing process, converting capabilities and overall capacity. We specialize in:


Meltblown Nonwovens

10 diverse meltblown machines which give us a number of options to support your project including a variety widths, layers, densities and post web treatments. We also offer multiple web formation options to further tailor the product to your specifications. Precise recipe management, in-line process and quality control, and multiple converting options ensure a meltblown nonwoven product that meets or exceeds the standards you set for the project.


Airlaid Nonwovens

We have the ability to blend staple fibers with a wide range of properties and engineer the structure of the web to meet your product specifications and customize the function of your final product. Our ability to bond different cover stock materials (top and bottom of the fabric) provides additional customization. We also offer several post manufacturing converting options to deliver your product in the format best suited for your manufacturing process. In-line and external quality control measures are in place to ensure consistency and performance.