Liquid Safety Solutions distribution partner letter

Posted: 12-02-2021

Date: February 5, 2021

To: Our Distribution Partners

This week has certainly brought some exciting news for NPS Spill Control! With the announcement of FyterTech Nonwovens as well as the sale of the towel and tissue operations and NPS brand, it’s not surprising there are a few questions.

First and foremost, our focus and approach to spill control has not changed – the people, products and resources you depend on to help grow your business are still available to you. The spill control division will continue to act as the business unit it was under NPS Corporation. Since we can no longer use the NPS name, we have shifted our focus to our tag line “Liquid Safety Solutions” and left everything else in place.

The introduction of FyterTech Nonwovens as the new overall company name simply gives our business an avenue to explore the opportunities that came to the forefront during 2020 and the pandemic. The additional filtration and health & hygiene divisions are supported by investments in new equipment and resources.

As an easy reference, we have prepared an initial checklist to help everyone through this transition:


  • The transition will occur by close of business on Friday, February 12, 2021, so we are no longer using “NPS Spill Control” on Monday morning the 15th.
  • Your sales representative and/or company contacts will remain the same.
  • Our customer service telephone number will also remain the same +44 (0)161 470 8800.
  • Our team’s email addresses will change to reflect the overall name – just replace with In the immediate future, the @npsspillcontrol email addresses will forward to the new FyterTech email address.
  • Departmental e-mail  will remain the same before the @ symbol (for example, will now be
  • Website remains the same for the spill control business.
  • Our manufacturing and distribution facility will remain at:

Units C&D Vulcan Business Park

Derker Street, Oldham,

Greater Manchester,



Thank You!